On My Own

You treated me bad, I couldn't heal you, but I gave you life instead, And now you're done with me, Escape the memories, All the pain you're causin' me, Someday I'll see you again, Arms length we'll keep it, Trust me we'll be better..., We're better off as friends, Find some other slob to drag you, You'll drag him down 'till the end,

Take my soul, It's all over there's nothing to hold,

Shades of gray bleed through, In this colorful scheme, There's so much hurt and anger, Take it as it comes, In this storybook theme, No need to try you had her, Leave me all on my own,

She don't know you any better, (she don't know you at all) Than you think you know yourself, So take control of your fate, I've turned these pages for good,

Free me from this ball and chain, To you it's me it seems the same, Let me forget all I know, Caus' it wasn't meant for me, And it wasn't meant to be, Get me to the end of this neverending bridge, this neverending bridge (oh, oh),

Shades of gray (I'm on my own) 2x
Leave me all on my own

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