Seldom Sundays

Loneliness is contagious, When you're looking into the mirror, So put on those shades and kick off your shoes, If you see me hiding underneath my bed, Don't stop to take a look,  Caus' it's only in your head, it's in your head,

The seasons change, The days grow older, Gotta get my feet off the ground, And get this weight off my shoulders,

Is it still a celebration, If you're drinking all on your own, Well cheers to you my darling, You see this party it just ain't fun, Those seldom Sundays, They're coming every day, I'll just write about my sorrows, And throw it away,

Well it's clear to me, to see the pain I've caused, to the man in the mirror, It's time to look him straight in the eyes, one time,  Just wipe those tears don't tell a lie, I won't tell a lie, No no I won't tell a lie

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