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From the album Can You Hear Me Now?



This is my life,
I've been stuck here all along,
Can't sit and watch the world keep passing me by,
Caught in the mix,
Of this somber waiting game,
Don't want to fall behind,
I think we both know it's time,
I'll chase you run,
You lie for fun,
To me it ends the same,


Say a little prayer and I'll set you free,
Don't worry I got my angel watching over me,
Open up your wings as you touch the sky,
And forget about your worries,
Caus' this is good-bye,
Why'd it take me so long to call the world my own,
Baby take me to this quiet place I feel home,

So now I'm sitting here,
The sky it seem so clear,
Just smiling at the sun (can you feel the wind in your face?),
My thoughts they climb so high,
Never thought I'd reach the sky,
but soon I will be free to fight another day,

I'll chase you run,
You'll lie for fun,
To me it's still the same


I got this girl on the right,
Well I know she's a winner,
Got the other on the right,
And she's looking for dinner,
Well I know deep down somewhere in between,
There's a pretty little mama that's just right for me,

Chorus / Outro